About Us

Grandmaster Gary Rasanen has been training in the martial arts since age 11, including of Judo, Yudo and Ju-Jitsu. After reaching his dan levels in these arts he then studied the art of Shotokan karate.

Grandmaster Rasanen is the founder of the Long Island Judo and Martial Arts Association. He is the New York State Representative for the World Combat Arts Federation. He holds the rank of Grandmaster of Yudo under the Martial Arts U.S.A. Judo Association. He is a patron life member and black belt rank examiner for the United States Judo Association and he is a board member and black belt examiner with the Hoteikan System of Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Rasanen holds black belt rankings in the arts of Judo, Yudo, Hakkoryu and Sosuishiryu Ju-Jitsu and Shotokan Karate.

Grandmaster Rasanen also founded a new system of self defense - R.E.A.L. - which means Resilient Effective Assertive Limitless Street Situation Self Defense System. It was developed to help build confidence and teach the average man, woman, or child how to respond in a situation where confrontation might put their physical safety at risk. It incorporates some raw forms of Hakkoryu, Sosuishiru and Shizen Ryu Jiu-Jitsu as well as hard core forms on self defense into its system. Grandmaster Rasanen belongs to several other martial art associations and has declined membership into many others.

Black Belt Rankings

Hoteikan System 8th Dan Hoteikan System
Yudo 7th Dan Martial Arts U.S.A. Association
Judo 7th Dan Hoteikan System
Judo 7th Dan United States Judo Association
Judo 7th Dan World Combat Arts Federation
Ju-Jitsu 7th Dan Hoteikan System
Ju-Jitsu 7th Dan World Combat Arts Federation
Shotokan 5th Dan Hoteikan System
Shotokan 5th Dan World Combat Arts Federation

Association Memberships
World Combat Arts Federation
Martial Arts U.S.A. Association
United States Judo Association
Amateur Judo Association
Amateur Athletic Union
Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association

Winner Circle Award (USJA) - 1996
Inducted As Instructor Of The Year (EUSAIMAA - Hall Of Fame) - 1997
Pinnacle Award (EUSAIMAA) - 1998
Inducted With the Silver Life Achievement Award (WCAF - Hall Of Fame) - 1999
Masters Award (EUSAIMAA) - 2000